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The Transportation and Telecommunications Committee heard testimony Jan. 23 on a bill that would limit exception permits for longer combination vehicles (LCVs) hauling seasonally harvested products.  LB841, introduced by Scottsbluff Sen. John Harms, would allow LCVs that are up to 10 percent greater than the maximum length specified by law to carry an additional 15 percent of the maximum weight allowed for up to 70 miles.

Under the bill, such permits would be valid for up to 120 total days per calendar year.  Harms said the bill would bring current statute into compliance with federal regulations.  Monty Fredrickson, director of the Nebraska Department of Roads, testified in support of the bill, saying that the state must be in compliance with federal regulations to receive federal road funding.  The state could lose 10 percent of its federal funds if the laws are not compliant, he said, which would total a loss of $24 million annually for roads projects.  No opposing testimony was given on the bill.

Two additional bills dealing with vehicle hauling requirements were heard by the committee Jan. 23.  LB764, introduced Sen. LeRoy Louden of Ellsworth, would allow the operation of any motor vehicle, semitrailer or trailer carrying livestock 70 miles or less from the loading point to storage or market with a load that exceeding statutory load limits by 15 percent.  Introduced by Ogallala Sen. Ken Schilz, LB740 would allow the issuance of a special permit to a farmer or rancher for a truck-tractor and semitrailer combination that is no longer than 59.5 feet to carry hay.  The annual permit would be issued for a $50 fee.  The committee took no immediate action on the bills.


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