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The Nebraska Grain and Feed Association (NGF) recently contacted the Nebraska Secretary of State’s (SOS) office bringing to their attention complaints received from several NGF member firms that have been experiencing past and persistent mistakes in the lien search database which they subscribe to and receive from the SOS on a quarterly basis.  Specifically, these grain firms are receiving complaints when they post the supposed lien holders names on the checks paid to customers, and those company lien holders are no longer in business.  In one instance, a member firm has reported that there were seven banks which have either changed names and/or ownership in his area since 2000 but are still being listed under their previous names.  There were also instances where “lien holders” identified under the lien search database have been out of business for as long as seven years. 

In the letter to Secretary of State John Gale, the Association stated that “it appreciates the services your office provides in issuing the quarterly lien search database and realizes there are bound to be some inaccuracies or outdated information that may be overlooked by the UCC staff.  We wonder if the inaccuracies are across the entire spectrum of business or if there may be more issues involved with agribusiness firms.”  NGF offered to assist his office by distributing a list of questionable businesses to members for their review and in identifying any firms they know are no longer in business or have been renamed. 

If your company has experienced problems with the UCC listing, please let the Association know. 


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