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The state would research the feasibility of a meat and poultry inspection program under a bill advanced from general file March 30.  As originally introduced, LB 305 would have directed the state Department of Agriculture to create a cooperative state inspection program under federal law by 2013.


To fund the program, the Cooperative State Meat and Poultry Inspection Cash Fund would have been created and funded with $200,000 from the Commercial Feed Administration Cash Fund.  The Nebraska Grain and Feed Association (NGF) strongly opposed the initial funding for the program coming from an ear tag transfer over the next two years from the Commercial Feed Administration Cash Fund.


An amendment, adopted 40-0, reduced the scope of the bill to require the department to submit a report to the Legislature describing actions necessary to implement a state meat and poultry inspection program.  The amendment would permit use of the Commercial Feed Administration Cash Fund for expenses related to the report.  The state department of agriculture estimates that the report will cost $25,000.  While NGF still has concerns with diverting funds from the Commercial Feed Administration Cash Fund, the Association was pleased that the transfer was far below the original $200,000 request.


A state inspection program could pave the way for the development of a horse processing facility in Nebraska.  Congress eliminated funds for federal inspection of horse meat, he said, which effectively ended horse slaughter in 2007.  LB 305 advanced from general file on a 35-1 vote.


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