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 Grain and feed handlers should be aware that OSHA has released a new resource on grain handling, Hazard Alert: Dangers of Engulfment and Suffocation in Grain Bins  As you know, this is an emphasis area for the agency and the Hazard Alert is one of a number of products that have been developed and released recently on this topic (see Grain Handling Safety and Health Topics Page).  This resource offers a quick on-line-reference to the dangers associated with the grain handling industry and OSHA compliant procedures intended to avoid serious accidents. 


 In addition to spotlighting the primary reasons that workers become engulfed or suffocate in grain bins, the Hazard Alert highlights fatalities in young workers and reiterates the required and recommended controls for employers. The Hazard Alert also summarizes the Agency’s recent efforts related to grain handling facilities (including resources) and the findings from the agency’s recent enforcement activity.   The Hazard Alert also provides information on OSHA services for employers and worker rights.


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