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Even as the debate on reducing a nearly $1 billion budget gap has dominated this legislative session, other issues have of course been contemplated.  March 10, 2011 was the last day Nebraska state senators, legislative committees and the Speaker's office could choose their priority bills for the first session of this 102nd Nebraska Legislature.

There were several bills of interest to the Nebraska Grain and Feed Association (NGF) selected as priorities.  With almost 700 bills introduced and time marching on during this 90 day session, the priority designation helps whittle down those issues of most importance.


LB 698, a bill which would remove mandatory labeling requirements in gasoline containing 10% ethanol or E 10, was selected by Sen. Tom Carlson, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee as his personal priority bill.

Ethanol is currently the only component of gasoline that must be disclosed on dispenser labels in Nebraska, while 300 other ingredients are not.  Currently, fuel containing the higher oxygenate such as E 10 is already almost universally considered gasoline.  While Nebraskans have generally accepted the E 10% blend of ethanol in gasoline since it was introduced in 1979, some in the industry now see the mandatory label as a stigma to the use of ethanol.  Over 70 percent of Nebraska consumers currently are utilizing E 10 as their choice of oxygenates.


Additionally, wholesale retailers would be more aggressive in utilizing gasoline containing E 10 in more blends when the market conditions and economics are favorable to the retailer, thus increasing the demand for the product.  For instance, Michigan eliminated their ethanol labeling requirements over seven years ago and now nearly all gasoline sold in Michigan is 10% ethanol due to these favorable economics.  And, this is a state where Motor City hasn't always been a friend to alternative fuels.

An amendment was offered and adopted which would require any blend of ethanol at or over 11% to be labeled.


The following are a partial list of other Senator, Committee and Speaker priority bills the Association has been following.  If you have any questions on these or other issues, please don't hesitate to call the Association office.


LB 357, Senator Ashford, Authorize an increase in local option sales and use tax.


LB 84, Senator Fisher, Adopt the Build Nebraska Act and authorize bonds for the highway system, dedicates 1/2% of the state sales tax to road construction beginning in 2013.


LB 564, Senator Fulton, Change and eliminate provisions of the Industrial Relations Act and the State Employees Collective Bargaining Act.


LB 35, Senator Harms, change provisions relating to oversize vehicle permits, extends to 200 days overweight vehicles hauling sugar beets.


LB 229, Senator Larson, Transfer funds from the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund to the Water Resources Cash Fund.


LB 664, Senator Nelson, Repeal the Industrial Relations Act and the State Employees Collective Bargaining Act and prohibit public collective bargaining and work stoppage.


LR 40CA, Natural Resources Committee, Constitutional amendment to declare fishing, trapping, and hunting to be rights forever preserved subject to reasonable restrictions.


LB 289, Speaker Flood, Authorize the operation on public highways of low-speed vehicles as prescribed.




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