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Last week, our friends from the Kansas grain and feed Association ( KGFA) sent out an alert advising Kansas and Nebraska grain elevators to be on the lookout for a rogue trucker operating in northern Kansas. At the time of the alert, the driver had stolen a load of soybeans by portraying himself as representing 3-D Transportation, an Iowa trucking company and authorized by the buyer. The driver gave a fake drivers license and loading number and said his name was Bill White.

According to new information, it appears this rogue trucker has expanded his territory to include southern Kansas, as a load of wheat has been reported stolen. In this instance, the driver also gave a fake drivers and loading number and said he worked for Kunz Transportation, Atlantic, Iowa. He said is name was Bob Gray.

In both cases, the driver was able to steal the loads because he apparently did not have to show his actual driver’s license and the loading company did not record the truck license plate number or verify the loading number with the buyer. KGFA plans to contact the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to initiate an investigation. We would like to thank KGFA for this important notice. In the mean time we strongly suggest NGF members strengthen their loading policies and keep a close eye on any suspicious trucker activities.

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