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NGF developing employee and plant safety postings, signs


As you know, The Nebraska Grain and Feed Association (NGF) have placed a great deal of emphasis regarding employee and plant safety, and in particular as they apply to current OSHA grain handling standards.  As part of this continuing effort, NGF is developing and will make available to members OSHA safety warnings, listings and employee safety signs or other postings upon request.

Our summer intern, Jenna Polacek, will be researching and developing a set of OSHA grain handling and plant safety bullet points and signs you can post on and around buildings and equipment, reminding your employees and the public of the inherent dangers and precautions necessary while working at elevators or grain processing facilities.  While we are in the process of designing more colorful self adhesive posters that stand out at the 8 x 11 or 11 x 15 dimensions, you can download PDF below of applicable postings for grain bin entry, DO’s and DON’Ts of Safe Bin Entry and combustible dust control that you can print and temporarily post outside of grain bins or areas where dust accumulates.  Hopefully, we will have more permanent posters available by next week.

If you would like to know more about obtaining any of the postings or signs, or you have suggestions for developing other postings, please contact Jenna at 402 - 476 - 6174.  Remember, NGF already maintains a library of safety manuals, videos and study books available to members upon request.  If you'd like more information on these and other products, please let us know!

Combustible dust poster

Grain bin poster


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