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As we reported in February, a recent OSHA “Letter of Interpretation” contends that the physical operation of unguarded sweep augers inside grain bins is prohibited.  The letter was in response to questions posed by an insurance agent who asked if a sweep auger can be operated in a bin with an employee present and, if not, what method or procedure OSHA would find acceptable for removing grain from grain bins.  NGF and other state affiliate Associations have joined with the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) in challenging the flawed interpretation. 

OSHA contends that an employee cannot work inside a bin while an “unguarded” sweep auger is in operation.  However, OSHA refused to define what is guarded or unguarded and what alternative options are acceptable to remove grain from flat bottomed bins.  NGF and the other grain and feed organizations will continue to press OSHA on this issue.  The sweep auger issue will be discussed during next weeks NGF Elevator, Mill & Processor Safety Day, Tuesday, March 30, at the Kearney Ramada Inn and attending members are encouraged to raise their questions or concerns with the OSHA representative.  If you have concerns on the lack of procedures on the use of sweep augers or need more information, please call NGF for consultation.


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